Rainforest Restoration Tour


Restoration is like baking a cake: you need a recipe, some basic ingredients and a willingness to listen, observe, and learn. No-one makes a perfect cake first try, right? Join Ecologist Bill Peel for a workshop on rainforest restoration and a tour of his home's rainforest restoration project. Learn about how to approach rainforest restoration in the Bellingen climate.

This workshop will include:

  • a tour of a pre-regen site at the Point on the Bellinger River
  • a tour of a home restoration project that hosts many rare and threatened species of plants and animals, some of which are breeding, and
  • handouts: listing restoration and weed manuals, books on plant identification, propagation, and local contacts.

Learn the basic toolkit to begin YOUR PROJECT, including:

  • what plants
  • staging: planting sequences, seasons and the right plants
  • when and where to plant
  • where to obtain your plants (propagate or buy)
  • how and when to weed
  • how to manage it so you succeed and enjoy the restoration
  • project ideas for all budgets and sites, and
  • measuring success.

ABOUT OUR PROJECT: It began in 2014 as a Camphor Laurel forest with a privet understorey on an ephemeral tributary of Connell Creek. Now a thriving ecosystem it hosts over 300 plant species (180 are self- regenerating), 147 birds recorded (50 birds breeding), 18 reptiles, 12 mammals, 10 frogs, and innumerable butterflies, invertebrates and fungi. The project protects and provides habitat for: 2 nationally threatened ecological communities, 7 threatened plants, 1 threatened mammal and 30 migratory birds. AND IT IS ONLY 0.2 OF A HECTARE! 

Places are limited so bookings essential. Book via Humanitix: 


If your plans change and you can't attend please refund your "ticket" ahead of time so that other people can join us.



  • Sunday, 16 June 2024 | 01:00 PM - 03:30 PM


What to bring: Sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen, water.

The Point, James Eather Way, Bellingen, 2454, View Map

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