Is your home ready for a cold winter?

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We love efficiency simply because it saves money and keeps us warmer.

DIY a warmer home this winter!

Despite gorgeous sunny days, winter on the Coffs Coast can still see many residents spending significant amounts on energy bills to keep homes warm in winter. That’s why heating your home efficiently is so important.

Whether you have an older home with lots of beachy leaks (aka unsealed floorboards), old insulation or even if your home is well sealed and insulated, keeping your home warm can lead to huge electricity bills. Making now the time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter months, for the comfort of both you and your family.

To maximise the passive heating properties of your home you can prepare by: –

- Sealing all the draughty gaps around your home, to stop cold air leaking in and warm air leaking out

- Ensuring windows have coverings such as curtains and blinds to stop the cold glass radiating into the home

- Having your ceiling insulation checked for gaps and correct thickness

And to prepare for those extra cold days when you may need to actively heat your home: – 

- Arrange a maintenance check for your air-conditioner and clean the filters, to ensure it’s working at its optimal level

- Make sure you are heating to 18-19 degrees for a comfortable temperature that won’t require as much energy

Check out to learn more and make an action plan to keep you warmer and your bills low this winter.