Why we love community gardens

Photo of planting a seedling

Community gardens are places to grow sustainable, diverse and nutritious food. But, as any Community Gardener will tell you, there’s much more to them than that. Community gardens are the hive of the neighbourhood. They’re places to come together. To teach what you know and learn what you’d like to. To make gorgeous compost that regenerates the soil, season after season.

Coffs Harbour has three community gardens; in Woolgoolga, South Coffs Harbour and Coffs Harbour.

As you would expect, they’ve been a little quiet over the past couple months. But life at the gardens is humming along, slowly falling back into familiar rhythms. I went round to each garden to chat about the future – the projects they’re exciting about, the events and workshops they’ve got planned, and the reasons why community gardens are so darn important in the first place.

Part 1: Coffs Harbour Community Garden

Part 2: Woolgoolga Community Garden

Part 3: South Coffs Community Garden