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9 easy ways to start living with less plastic

There is no one size fits all solution to living ‘Plastic Free’. In a world where single use plastics still exist, it pays to be prepared! So we have a new knock out poster just for you!

Download it now!

Swap Out List

There are many simple plastic alternatives available and once you start swapping, you will find it hard to stop!
You hold a lot of purchasing power as each purchase you make sends a message to producers. So by purchasing non-plastic products your sending producers the message that you don’t want plastic packaging.

Download your list of handy plastic swaps!



Host a Plastic Free July (PFJ) Morning Tea

Spread the word about PFJ by having a morning tea! This could be for staff and/or students.  It is a fun and inclusive way to raise awareness about the problems of single-use plastic. Here are some simple steps:

  • Check it’s ok first: Talk to your canteen, environment committee, colleagues to enlist their support and to make sure it’s fine, confirm a date, time, budget and get planning!!
  •  Plan the event: Make it as simple or fancy as you want. Plan numbers and how you are going to make it plastic free e.g. take your own bags and buy from the local bakery, talk to your canteen or food tech team about baking using delicious recipes curated by the PFJ team.  You might also want to try out some of these fun activities to raise awareness about PFJ.
  • Promote the event: Put up posters around the office; include your event on the school calendar and/or intranet and if appropriate, share on social media. Maybe you can organise a Beeswax wrap workshop or demonstration as part of your morning tea to generate interest!
  • Host the event: Put up PFJ posters  and download any activities you might need. Welcome and thank everyone coming to the PFJ morning tea. If you feel comfortable, you may want to give your reasons for holding the PFJ morning tea – or show the film clip  about what PFJ is all about.

Our Living Coast is a joint project of the Coffs Harbour, Bellingen & Nambucca Councils