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Celebrating our Living Coast in Woolgoolga

Ocean = waves = shred, carve or immerse = stoke. You love it. Sometimes you want to say thanks and give something back to the ocean and the coastal life that just keeps giving. Eco Surf Fest, coming up in October in Woolgoolga is a great way to discover how you can do just that. Whatever board you do or don’t ride, you’ll be welcome! The Festival will be a family-friendly, grassroots celebration of our living coast. Just bring an appreciation of our oceans, waves and beaches, tap into the community vibe and you’ll walk away inspired and empowered.

Free Tips, Demos & Workshops

Join the marketplace of ideas about surfing and the culture and gear that goes with it. Check out free demos and workshops to explore the sustainable side of surf culture. How about DIY eco surf wax to give you grip without harming our beloved oceans? Breathe new life into your gear with quick, fix-it tips for everything from the dings in your board to that hole in your wettie. What about that old board that’s been hanging around? Get creative with local surf & skate art legend Jimmy Wags and turn it into a canvas for your own colourful, happy and wonderful art work.

Jimmy Wags Beautiful Painted Boards

Pick up some great bargains at the pop-up, pre-loved market stall – but you won’t need cash, only trash! Yup, join the Seaside Scavenge, pick up some litter from the beach and foreshore, convert it to tokens and exchange them for your own market treasure or even beer (not for the kids though…)!

And if you’re not the fish in water you’d like to be and want to spend more of your time in the ocean; join a free Coffs Harbour Lifeguards surf safety session and you’ll feel more confident about recognising rip currents and knowing what to do in the event that you or someone else gets into trouble. You can never know too much about surf safety and how to recognise your limits.

Enjoy great local musicians at the Eco Surf Fest
Enjoy music from local musicians in and around Woolgoogla

Enjoy local musicians & tasty local food!

Sit back with friends and family at the beautiful Woolgoolga foreshore and enjoy music from some great local musicians, tasty local food choices and a fantastic, friendly vibe. Spend the day, enjoy the ocean setting and get involved. The Eco Surf Fest will set you on a great path for spring and beyond on our beautiful living coast.

The Eco Surf Fest event details

When: Saturday, 19th October 2019. From 9am to 2pm.
Where: Woolgoolga Foreshore.
Cost: Entry to this community event by Coffs Harbour City Council and partners is FREE.

Follow the event on social: Facebook/Our Living Coast & Instagram/MyCoffs Connect #ccecosurffest #coffscoastoceanpeople

Our Living Coast is a joint project of the Coffs Harbour, Bellingen & Nambucca Councils