Keeping Koalas safe


Keeping Koalas Safe: A Guide for Responsible Dog Owners

Dogs are often cherished family members, with over 62% of Australian households welcoming them into their homes. However, as urbanisation encroaches on koala habitat, our backyards increasingly overlap with the natural environment, posing a threat to iconic species like the koala.

Data reveals dog attacks rank as the third-leading cause of incidental death among koalas, with many incidents occurring in household yards. It's estimated approximately three-quarters of dog attacks on koalas are fatal. Here’s some steps that pet owners can take to try and better protect both our dogs and koalas:

1. Night time Safety: Koalas are nocturnal, making them most active at night and early morning, increasing their vulnerability to encounters with dogs during these times. To avoid accidental encounters, consider keeping your dog indoors or in a secure area at night when koalas are on the move.

2. Seasonal Awareness: Between July and September, koalas are especially vulnerable to dog attacks, with September recording the highest number of incidents. Stay vigilant during these peak movement periods.

3. Koala-Friendly Fencing: Install koala exclusion fencing, such as metal or Perspex sheeting on top of existing fences, to deter koalas from entering your yard if keeping your dog indoors at night isn't feasible.

4. Wildlife Training: Enrol your dog in wildlife avoidance training programs to teach them to peacefully coexist with native wildlife. This is an effective tool to mitigate conflicts between dogs and koalas in urban areas.

Implementing these measures can improve the safety of both our pets and koalas. Let's work together to create safer spaces for all creatures, great and small!

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