Koalas of the Coffs Coast

Koala .jpg

Many people consider the Koala to be one of the most iconic animals of Australia. However, the koala has suffered a dramatic decline in numbers and distribution since the arrival of Europeans. Surveys in NSW indicate that since 1949, populations of koalas have been lost from many localities. Most populations in NSW now survive in fragmented and isolated habitat and many of the areas in which koalas are most abundant are subject to intense and ongoing pressures (Environment NSW 2023).

The koala is listed as 'vulnerable to extinction' under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 because of declining numbers and the ongoing pressure of threats. This means that immediate action is required across government and community to care for and support our remaining Koala populations (Environment NSW 2023).

Coffs Harbour is an area of NSW that currently has a healthy Koala population. It too faces risks such as loss of habitat from clearing, dog attack, traffic fatality and disease. To address this issue, Coffs By Nature have recently partnered with the Great Eastern Ranges program and the Jaliigirr Alliance to run a number of community education sessions across the City of Coffs Harbour area over the next 8 months. These sessions aim to improve our knowledge and awareness of our local Koala population and will involve the general community and school groups.

Over the coming months we will run a regular Koala ‘fun facts’ section in the Our Living Coast newsletter. We will also promote upcoming workshops that you can attend to learn more about our local Koalas. The first of these takes place on the 4th November at 9.30am in the Coffs Regional Botanic Gardens. During this session participants will learn about Koala feed trees and we will have a very high chance of seeing one of the resident Koalas in the gardens.

Please click on the link below to register for this event. We are so looking forward to sharing our love for Koalas with you!